Hello All,

This article you’ll learn how to create a new Google Compute Engine virtual machine instance from the cloud console.

Short Overview of Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is build and host web, mobile and websites applications, store data and analyze data using this infrastructure.

The Following steps are explained about how to create a virtual machine:

1. Login into Cloud Console :  use this https://console.cloud.google.com give your login credential.

2. Compute Engine : Go to Google Developer Console, click the Menu icon on the top left of the screen.

3. Navigate  Compute Engine > VM Instances > Create  it take a minute to initialize for the first time. once              you already initialized, you should see the following if the project has no virtual machine.

4. Create a New Instance : click Create instance there are more parameters you can configure when creating a                 new instance. Let’s see the following.

5.  (i) Name : Name field you type your instance name. this instance (virtual machine) name was very unique                        for Globally. once you create name is a unique. don’t use again.

(ii) Zone : In this Zone field you select your Region (zone is which was place for machine creating different                          zone available depends select your country region like or for example asia-east1-a)

(iii) Machine Type : machine as your budget select the ranging from micro instance types to 32-                                           core/208GB RAM instance types CPU version like 1vCPU 3.75GB memory and also customize the                                   memory level.

(iv) Boot disk : Select various boot disk images including Debian, Ubuntu, Core OS, premium images such                          as Red Hat enterprise, Linux and Windows Server for example Debian GNU/Linux 8 and also choose                              SSD Persistent Disk as well.

(v) Identity and API access : select the different service account and also access scope.

(v) Firewall : this is the check Allow HTTP , HTTPS traffic.

6. Finally you select the create to the new virtual machine instance.